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       "There seems to be a gentleman, lost, are seeking their body." 射有似乎君子,失诸正鹄,反求诸其身。”




      In the process of learning archery, people often do not miss the bull's-eye. After experiencing the failure again and again, they always anxiously looking for arrows and bow problems, desperately want to succeed, the results ignored their own reasons, with less. This "archery" in our study is not uncommon, learning more important is to improve themselves in the reflection. 在学习射箭的过程中,人经常会射不中靶心。在经历一次又一次的失败后,他们总会焦急地寻找箭与弓的问题,迫切想得到成功,结果忽略了自身原因,事半功倍。这样的“射箭人”在我们的学习中并不少见,学习更重要的是在反省中完善自己。




I remember having a midterm exam and the academic performance was so bad. In the test of frustration that time, I tried to find objective reasons, paralysis of their own, so that they find the reason to continue unrestrained and unrestrained. "Shot seems to be lost, are seeking their body." This sentence makes me wake up. Test failure should start from their own reasons, introspection, reflection on it, blindly find an excuse can not play any role. I started from the papers, carefully check the wrong place, find where I did not do well, which knowledge is not grasp. After that, every time I go through my exams make myself more perfect. I grew up so much.我记得有一次期中考试,学习成绩下降很厉害。在考试失意的那段时间中,我竭力去找客观原因,麻痹自己,让自己找到继续浑浑噩噩下去的原因。“射有似乎,失诸正鹄,反求诸其身”。这句话让我清醒过来。考试失利就应从自身原因入手,自省其身,反思其过,一味地找借口起不了任何作用。我从试卷着手,认真检查出现错误的地方,查找自己哪里没有做好,哪些知识没有掌握。从这之后,我经历的每一次考试都使自己更完美。自省让我成长了许多。 




      Guoxue classic, for me to open a called "reflection" of the door, so that my life more than a trace of Ching Ming. 国学经典,为我打开一扇名为“反思”的大门,使我的人生多了一丝清明。

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