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Leaves the confessions of 落叶的自白

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Leaves the confessions of




Laohekou eight small six (1) class Lv Qin a


老河口市八小六(一)班   吕秦一




I was in the tree in the mother's arms, and brothers and sisters grow happily, play and live a carefree life. But one day, the wind sister came, we blow down from the branches, broken we would have a quiet life.




So, I and my brothers and sisters began to drift. Although there is no home, everyone in the mind is very sad, but everyone together, also can also together to keep warm when a cold, sad also can comfort each other, thought of here now and everyone is happy.




But behold, the days before long. A few days later, my brothers and sisters are buried in the soil, only I alone a person. At that moment, I feel the whole world is quiet, I burst out of tears.




I good helpless, my heart in doing hard choice, what do you want to drilling mud contribute to the tree? Rain, rain as if to say to me: in the dark have fragrance of the soil, make some contribution for the tree. The cloud as if also in said to me: drilling mud!!!! How long is a piece of a fallen leaf green. Even the digging of little fish leap out of the water as if to encourage me. I made a choice, I want with my brothers and sisters do contribution for the tree, I want to dedicate my strength to the tree.我好无助,我的内心在做艰难的选择,到底要不要钻进泥土为大树做贡献呢?下雨了,雨仿佛在对我说:钻进那又黑有香的泥土吧,为大树做些贡献。白云仿佛也在对我说:钻进泥土吧!多一片落叶就多长一片绿色。就连河塘的小鱼儿也跳出水面仿佛在鼓舞我。我做出了选择,我要与我的兄弟姐妹们一起为大树做贡献,我要把我的力量献给大树。


Trees, mom, I dedicate my all to you, you are quick to grow, grow more and more green leaves...



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